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New Features

  • If you are closing more than 1 tab, you will now receive a prompt asking the below:.
    • Confirmation you want to be notified of closing multiple tabs.
    • Confirmation you want your session to be restored.


  • Hovering over inactive tabs will once again show the close button.
  • Waterfox will be less strict with its public key pinning, which should resolve issues some users had connecting to certain websites.
  • The extension button should no longer be missing! For the time being, moving it around has been disabled.
  • When you click on the address bar, your top sites will now show.
  • Waterfox is now less aggressive with its optimisations, which should result in less performance oddities in rare cases.

Upcoming Changes

  • Waterfox for Android’s feature set has been finalised, but requires updating to the latest components. This is in progress and is due for release. iOS is now in the pipeline as well.
  • Privacy enhancements to some of the most popular search engines (wink wink, nudge nudge) are also in the pipeline, with more to be revealed soon.