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  • The minimum CPU requirement has now been loosened. Any x86-64 processors with support for SSE3 should now be able to run Waterfox1.
  • Various UI bug fixes.
  • Updates to the tabs sidebar.
    • Keep sidebar showing after leaving fullscreen mode.
    • Respect user’s choice for browser.tabs.insertAfterCurrent and browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent.
  • Security fixes1.

Upcoming Changes

  • Sign up to get access to Waterfox Privacy Search. We are currently testing in a closed Alpha, which will then be opened to general access in a Beta. Note: As it currently stands, this is a separate and optional product that will not be included in Waterfox.


  1. After extensive testing, no noticeable performance difference was observed on CPUs with SSE3 support compared to those with SSE4.1. This change aims to improve compatibility and accessibility for a wider range of users.