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  • DNS over Oblivious HTTP is now powered by Fastly! Read more.
    • This should mean you should experience almost no performance penalty for using DoOH.


  • You can now choose to disable closing windows or tabs with Ctrl+W by setting browser.closeShortcut.disabled to true in about:config. @franklx
  • Improved support for JPEG XL. Waterfox can now act as the default image viewer for such image files. @goodusername123
  • Waterfox will now run with hardware acceleration on VMware hosts. @goodusername123
  • Security fixes1.


  • Waterfox company information and versioning should now show BrowserWorks Ltd and the display version properly in Control Panel. A re-install with the latest installer is required.
  • Waterfox will now trust its own signed binaries in about:third-party. @goodusername123

Upcoming Changes

  • Privacy enhancements to some of the most popular search engines (wink wink, nudge nudge) are also in the pipeline, with more to be revealed soon.