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G6.0 Beta 3

The third beta release of G6.

New Features

  • Linux builds now support Widevine, so you can now watch DRM protected content, such as Netflix, Prime, Disney+, etc.
    • Depending on your distro, you’ll need the equivalent of sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras
  • macOS builds now have experimental Widevine support - but may not fully function as of yet.

Performance Improvements

  • Oblivious DNS has been replaced by DNS over Oblivious HTTP - a more supported implementation that accomplishes the same goal and uses the same underlying technology - just with a different implementation.
  • Waterfox’s custom code has been migrated to JavaScript ESM, which should result in small performance improvement and more efficient memory usage.
  • Waterfox’s preferences have been gone through with a fine tooth comb, with a lot of assistance from yokoffing.
  • Linux builds have now been compiled with PGO.

Bug fixes

  • Sometimes connecting to a website would require multiple attempts to connect to it (indefinite loading). This should now be fixed.
  • Various issues with Waterfox’s UI have now been resolved.

Upcoming Changes

  • Waterfox for Android’s feature set has been finalised, but requires updating to the latest components. This is in progress and is due for release. iOS is now in the pipeline as well.
  • Privacy enhancements to some of the most popular search engines (wink wink, nudge nudge) are also in the pipeline, with more to be revealed soon.