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Fast and Private Web Browser

Get privacy out of the box with Waterfox.

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No More Spying

Waterfox comes with built in tracking protection by default. Waterfox also offers Oblivious DNS, which makes it harder for your ISP to track your website connections, keeping what you do online private.

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Private Tabs with Private Search

You can launch a private tab to browse privately and anonymously anywhere in your browser without the need to open a Private Window first.

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Stay Organized With Container Tabs

Container tabs help you organize your browsing by separating your work, shopping or personal browsing. You can even assign a different color to each container tab to help you identify them.

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Switching is Easy

You can import your bookmarks, passwords and more from other browsers with ease.

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We don't collect your data

Unlike other browsers What you do within your browser stays with you. We don't need to know. Telemetry is disabled within the browser - and only limited data collection is used to keep your browser up to date and secure.


Privacy Comes Standard

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"Waterfox is great. Have been using it for sometime now and its much faster than Safari."

"I like the very customisable nature of it. Thank you for a fantastic Browser."

"Just installed this free browser and so far it is amazingly fast."

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Stop Worrying, and Safely Surf the Web!

Surf knowing that your data is safe, your privacy is respected, and you are in control. Other browsers have you opt-in to privacy settings, but Waterfox has them on by default.


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"If you're interested either in privacy or customization, Waterfox is an excellent browser for you."

Best Reviews

"Waterfox is an impressive example of what a better version of Firefox can look like: leaner, faster, and without the desire to collect your data."

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"The Open-Source Waterfox Browser Delivers a Balance of Privacy and Usability."

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