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1. What is Waterfox?

Waterfox is a web browser, used to surf the web. You are using a web browser right now, reading this! It's the portal to the world wide web and arguably your most important piece of software installed. Waterfox has two versions: Classic and Current. Classic is for legacy systems and is there for only those who have specific need for it. Current is the up to date version which works best with websites and is for much newer systems.

2. Why use Waterfox?

Waterfox is built to be privacy conscious and fast. We allow you to make the choices within your browser, while providing sane defaults to make sure things run smoothly for the average user. You may expect that to be the same for every browser, but each of them have different goals - ours is to make sure you don't have to be worrying about what's happening within your browser.

3. How is personal data handled?

Unless you specifically register for a web service with us, we do not want or touch your personal data. For more details check out our terms of service and privacy policy.

4. What technology is Waterfox built on?

Waterfox is powered by Gecko. Most web browsers are powered by Blink or WebKit, but we've chosen to use the technology that better supports our goals. We don't want the web powered by only two engines - so we support the third to keep it independent!

5. Who owns Waterfox?

System1 now own Waterfox, but Alex Kontos is still leading the direction of Waterfox and will be for the foreseeable future.

6. How does Waterfox make money?

Waterfox has search partnerships. That is, the default search on Waterfox is monetised. If you search with it, Waterfox gets a share of the revenue. You are under no obligation to use the default search - but if you like what Waterfox does and want to support the project, please consider using it.