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Waterfox’s custom look and feel now applies to all themes by default. You can turn this off by typing about:config in the address bar, search for userChrome.theme.enable and toggle it to false.

✔ Fixed

  • The option to “Open All Bookmarks” once again works.
  • DNS-over-HTTPS being forced on users will no longer happen by default.
  • Forms will no longer save data in Private Tab.
  • Disabling images now works properly.

ℹ️ Changed

  • Various security fixes 1.

❓ Known Issues

  • Upgrading to G5 resets custom container tabs in certain situations. We have investigated but have been unable to find a work around or fix so far.
  • For native messaging issues, please try to symlink the NativeMessagingHosts directory from Mozilla to Waterfox:
    ln -s ~/Library/Application\ Support/Mozilla/NativeMessagingHosts ~/Library/Application\ Support/Waterfox/NativeMessagingHosts
    A permanent fix will be coming in the next release so that this will no longer be required.
  • If you cannot select text in the search bar with the mouse cursor please go to about:config, set layout.forms.input-type-search.enabled to false and restart the browser.