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✨ New

  • Addon version numbers once more show next to their names in about:addons
  • You can now disable automatic updates in about:preferencesGeneralWaterfox Updates
  • Startpage is now the default search when performance searches in Private Tab and Private Window.
  • Users on Linux who wish to use the HTML GeoLocation API can now enable it in about:preferences → Languages → Geolocation API
  • Tabs will now unload automatically when your system is running low on memory.
  • Tabs can now be manually unloaded after enabling the preference in about:preferences → General → Tabs. You can then right click on a tab and unload it.

✓ Fixed

  • Chrome Web Store extensions should now install properly once again.
  • Back and forward buttons on various mice now work properly in Waterfox, instead of acting as middle-click.
  • Sometimes non-private tabs would be restored as private tabs. This will no longer occur.
  • Various fixes to the default Lepton theme [1][2][3].
  • Various Japanese translation improvements by @surapunoyousei

ℹ️ Changed

  • Minimum requirements have been slightly reduced to SSE4.1 from SSE4.2.
  • Unprefix -moz-fit-content. -fit-content show now work without the -moz prefix.
  • The <dialog> HTML element is now enabled.
  • References to his and her have been replaced with their where relevant.

❌ Unresolved

  • Users who have a privacy oriented search engine such as DuckDuckGo enabled will have Private Tab and Private Window searches be performed on Startpage. This should not be the case. A fix is in the works and should be available soon.