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This will be the last release for the 5th generation of Waterfox. The 6th generation is currently being tested and due for release in the next few weeks. An automatic update will be issued to all 5th generation users.

✔ Fixed

  • (Windows Only) Widevine now works again.

ℹī¸ Changed

  • Various security fixes 1.
  • Build tools updated.

❓ Known Issues

  • Currently, DRM only works on Windows. macOS and Linux to follow. (Fixed in G6).
  • Certain customisation in Look & Feel do not work.
  • Upgrading to G5 resets custom container tabs in certain situations. We have investigated but have been unable to find a work around or fix so far.
  • If you cannot select text in the search bar with the mouse cursor please go to about:config, set layout.forms.input-type-search.enabled to false and restart the browser. (Fixed in G6).