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  • Status bar text is now vertically aligned, instead of being completel misaligned. Thanks to @black7375
  • Updates to the tabs sidebar (1.0.2).
    • Improved tab organization: Users can now pin tabs and navigate between them using keyboard shortcuts. This makes it easier to keep track of multiple open tabs and switch between them quickly.
    • Enhanced scrolling: The sidebar now supports smooth scrolling, which provides a more fluid and responsive user experience.
    • Improved communication: Changes have improved communication between the sidebar and the background script. This should result in a more stable and reliable user experience.
    • Performance improvements: Changes should result in better performance when updating the size and position of tabs in the sidebar.
  • Security fixes1.

Upcoming Changes

  • Sign up to get access to Waterfox Privacy Search. We are currently testing in a closed Alpha, which will then be opened to general access in a Beta. Note: As it currently stands, this is a separate and optional product that will not be included in Waterfox.