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  • You can now disable Oblivious DNS via the Preferences page. Go to about:preferencesPrivacy & SecurityDNS over HTTPS.
  • The Linux tarball now extracts into a subdirectory named waterfox, rather than into the current directory.
  • Waterfox will no longer decode URLs when copying them. This should allow easier sharing.


  • On pages that try to load mixed content, Waterfox will attempt to upgrade non secure content.
  • When closing multiple tabs to the left or right, Waterfox will now show the correct close dialogue.
  • If DNS requests take too long, Waterfox will fallback to your default DNS much quicker.

Upcoming Changes

  • Waterfox for Android’s feature set has been finalised, but requires updating to the latest components. This is in progress and is due for release. iOS is now in the pipeline as well.
  • Privacy enhancements to some of the most popular search engines (wink wink, nudge nudge) are also in the pipeline, with more to be revealed soon.