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✨ New

  • Plugins such as Flash can now be enabled, but require you to interact to have web pages run it for security reasons.
  • The address bar now makes it more obvious when a website is secure or insecure.

✓ Fixed

  • G4.0.3.1: Bootstraped extensions will now load on restart.
  • G4.0.3.1: Fixed various bookmarks bar and status bar issues.
  • G4.0.3.1: Fixed menu bar issue on Windows.
  • Issues installing bootstrapped extensions have now been resolved. You can find some here.
  • Copy tab URL should now no longer throw an error.
  • Title bar and buttons will be hidden correctly on Windows when you move the location of your tabs.

❌ Unresolved

  • Bookmarks toolbar may not allow right clicking on certain items. To work around this, please hide and then un-hide the bookmarks toolbar.
  • The status bar does not include default items (zoom, full screen, screenshot).
  • Add-on version numbers are not displayed next to their title in about:addons.