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Waterfox in 2023: Evolution, Independence, and Forward Momentum


In 2023, Waterfox underwent significant changes. This pivotal year brought a refreshed website, regained independence, and several important releases.


Waterfox has regained its independence, re-emphasising something that I hold import to this project — putting users first. This shift allows the company to iterate a bit faster and focus more on user privacy and customisation.

Website Revamp

The Waterfox website got a complete makeover, offering a more intuitive experience. With a fresh design and improved functionality, the goal is to make the website a bit more informative for new users.

Notable Releases

Android App Launch

Waterfox expanded its reach with the launch of the Android app. This addition lets users enjoy the same privacy-focused browsing on their mobile devices.

DNS over Oblivious HTTP

In collaboration with Fastly, Waterfox introduced DNS over Oblivious HTTP, ensuring user privacy and a secure browsing experience.

Ongoing Developments

Vertical Tabs on the Horizon

Vertical Tabs are in full-time technical planning. Expected for testing between Q1 and Q2, Waterfox is excited to announce a new partnership, promising a solid improvement on most other experiences out there.

Android Upgrade, WebExtensions Support, and Darker Dark Theme

Waterfox is actively upgrading its Android app and ensuring support for all WebExtensions. This includes moving to a monthly rolling release, keeping up with the latest Android Components versions, instead of sticking with ESR. Additionally, a sleeker, darker theme is in the works for those who prefer a darker tones in the UI.

A privacy-focused search project, teased earlier, is nearly ready for a closed beta. Stay tuned for announcements!

Future Endeavours

Looking ahead, Waterfox is set for growth and improving the browsing experience. Plans include improving user privacy, introducing a few new features, and expanding community initiatives.

The year 2023 was a milestone-packed journey for Waterfox! As we move forward, I extend my heartfelt thanks to the community for your support. Here’s to a great 2024!