Welcome to the Third Generation of Waterfox.

Waterfox Floe Theme

📝 What’s new in G3.1.0?


  • Initial support for Chrome Web Store (CWS) and Opera Web Store (OWS).
    • This means you can now visit these sites and install extensions from there! There may be some bugs, so don’t expect everything to work completely at first. Improvements coming with every release.
  • You can now set tab positions in about:preferences
  • You can now enable the status bar in about:preferences
  • You can now restart Waterfox from the Menu

✔ Fixed

  • Bing in-line translation now works when provided with appropriate API keys
  • Profile Importing now allows importing Firefox and Waterfox Classic data
  • Ability to refresh profile is now available in about:support

ℹ️ Changed

  • Upgraded to Gecko 78.7

❌ Unresolved

  • None

˟ Thanks to hawkeye116477 for the feature returns.

I updated from Current to G3.0.0 and my data is missing! Does this update fix it?

Yes, although it won’t do it automatically. Unfortunately there was an issue with the update to G3.0.0 that meant a small set of users could not use their old profile data. If you are one of the users and would like to use your old profile, please type about:profiles in the address bar and do either of the following:

If you have both Classic and Current/G3 installed, be careful which profile you select!

  1. Locate your old profile and click the “Set as default” button. Restart Waterfox and voilà - your old profile should now have loaded with all your data intact!

  2. If “Set as default” doesn’t appear, you can click the “Launch profile in new browser” button. Close your old browser window.

Almost a decade later and Waterfox is still going strong and set to grow even more and establish a vibrant ecosystem.

Not everything we have planned for Waterfox has made it in this release, but you can rest assured it is on its way in the near future.

This version of Waterfox is based on Firefox ESR78 and includes a number of performance improvements implemented by the team at Waterfox. This version is a direct upgrade for Waterfox Current 2020.10.

🏆 Support Waterfox

If you’d really like to help Waterfox out, please consider using the default search (Bing) with adblock disabled on it, or the even more privacy focused Startpage.