The first alpha release of the next generation of Waterfox.

Known Issues:

  • about:preferences#sync won’t load due to removed element advertising iOS version.
  • NPAPI plugins load, but web pages can’t access them (except for Adobe Flash).
  • Pocket is removed but preferences remain
  • Profile directory needs to be remedied
  • Install has references to survey that doesn’t exist.
  • Possibly re-implement extensions.update.url and extensions.update.background.url?

Quality of Life Improvements to be changed in future versions:

  • Make sure bookmarks are shown before search suggestions in the address bar.
  • Change highlight row to have 4 rows by default.
  • Re-implement bookmark descriptions.
  • Allow reading of all manifests.
  • Make sure DRM is optional download
  • “Australise” the UI, bring back those curves
  • Look for < 10.9 support


You may download add-ons from the AMO or you can find a couple of popular legacy add-ons updated to be compatible with v68 here.