Security updates and bug fixes to make your life better.

New Waterfox Website!

Waterfox now has an updated website and new url ( It should load much faster and provide more useful infromation. It’ll be refined over the coming weeks to fix any small issues and the likes! I am aware the new logo and website may too bright for some users, and am also working on more refinement in that regards as well!

📝 What’s new in Waterfox 56.2.9?

  • Various security fixes.
  • Switched to twemoji for platforms that do not natively support emoji.
  • Fixed bug causing issues with add-ons such as Tab Mix Plus.
  • Fixed issue with Instagram

If you are still having issues with websites like Chase and WhatsApp not working, please delete your browser cache.

Waterfox Alpha

The first Waterfox Alpha for v68 is essentially ready but unfortunately I am away from the 20th-27th of April and I don’t want to have a release just in case something is wrong and I can’t get any fixes out. This is quite frustrating as I have been working long hours for the last few weeks trying to get it all done but didn’t manage to reach the deadline I’d set for myself. I am quite excited to start getting feedback rolling for the new release though, it has been a long time coming!