A large amount of changes, including many performance improvements and security updates.

What’s new in Waterfox 56.2.0?

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  • Mozilla Foundation Security Advisories patched:
    • 2018-11
    • 2018-10
  • General Desktop
    • Remove Google Play Services from Android (will now be able to add to F-Droid!)
    • Stylo is now built, but disabled by default.
    • Rust components are now built with optimisations.
    • Updated various media codecs.
    • Back ported performance improvements for JavaScript (should now stop the high CPU usage!)
    • Tested a new way to keep Waterfox components up to date with the release branch of Firefox (includes security and performance upgrades for the components):
      • Freetype2
      • Skia
    • svg.context-properties.content.enabled is now true by default.
    • Fingerprint option now disguises Waterfox as Firefox 60.
  • Linux
    • Support for ffmpeg-4.0

Website Updates

  • Downloads now take you to a proper downloads page, with Portable download link fixed!
  • Downloads archive will also be on this page (just re-uploading it all)

Big thank you to the following contributors for this release:

Toromino - Jan Beich - laniakea64 - Graham Perrin - Peacock365

What’s coming up?

  • Integration of a classic add-on catalogue within about:addons.
  • Re-implement Cookie Prompt.
  • Include libc++-static to support Mac OS X 10.6.
  • Port over various 57 WebExtension APIs that didn’t make it into 56.