This release brings with it a brand new website and Android on the Google Play Store.

What’s new in Waterfox 56.1.0?

  • After many requests, you can now Buy Me a Coffee! (Donation)
  • Mozilla Foundation Security Advisory Patches:
    • 2018-08
    • 2018-06
  • General Desktop
    • Stylo is now enabled and built for Waterfox on all Desktop platforms.
    • Cookie prompt has been removed until it is fixed properly
    • The new about:preferences interfact has been fixed, can be enabled via browser.preferences.useOldOrganization
    • Profile import has been re-architected.
    • You can now Refresh your profile at about:support!
    • Update various media codecs.
    • Disable the add-ons discovery pane
    • Disable attempted telemetry ping to nowhere.
    • Enable support for input type=date and type=time.
    • Show punycode by default to prevent phishing.
  • macOS
    • OS X 10.7 support is now properly back.
  • Windows
    • Fixed playback issues on Windows that utilise the WMF decoder.
    • If you have issues with setting the default browser, re-download and use the Installer.

What’s coming up?

  • Integration of a classic add-on catalogue within about:addons.
  • Re-implement Cookie Prompt.
  • Include libc++-static to support Mac OS X 10.6.
  • Remove Google Play Services from Android to add it to the F-Droid store.
  • Port over various 57 WebExtension APIs that didn’t make it into 56.