Security updates.


❗️ Logo Updates

Please be aware that Waterfox Classic now has an updated logo. We are looking into how to better handle the difference between Classic and Current.


Current will now take over the use of the standard logo.

📝 What’s new in Waterfox 2020.04

  • Latest security advisories from Mozilla for both channels.


  • Fixed various security issues
  • NPAPI support is almost fixed (support for Java and Silverlight)


  • Fixed various security issues
  • Improved gtk support (thanks to hawkeye116477)

Changes you might have missed

Waterfox Classic

  • Fixed library requirements on Linux
  • Various media library updates
  • Added DNS resolution to webextensions api
  • Updated timezone data for internationalization functions
  • Enabled unprefixed Fullscreen API
  • Various website rending issues fixed (Kinguin, Intel, Epic Games and others)
  • Fixed problems related with uBO html filters
  • Updated en-US dictionary

Waterfox Current

  • Fixed ability to add add-ons via AMO
  • Fixed graphical issues on macOS
  • Added StartPage as an option
  • Enabled containers
  • Enabled playback of encrypted VP9 video in fMP4 container
  • Disabled establishing connection to links the mouse hovers over
  • Enabled user profile customizations and SVG properties
  • New features:
    • Restart button in PanelUI and Menu
    • Copy current tab URL
    • Copy all tab URLs
  • Added settings for disabling loading images automatically and exceptions
  • Added settings for disabling JavaScript with exceptions and advanced settings
  • Added new privacy settings
  • Added possibility to hide and show Status Bar or Status Info Overlay
  • Added possibility to change Tab Bar, Bookmarks Toolbar and Window Controls position
  • Added optional to enable an all-new settings layout
  • Added support for new emoji in Unicode/Emoji 12
  • Added possibility to set browser’s logo as menu icon

Contributors for this release

🏆 Support Waterfox

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