Happy New Year! A quick security update for currently exploited security bugs.


📝 What’s new in Waterfox 2020.01.1

Waterfox Classic

  • Fixed library requirements on Linux
  • Various media library updates
  • Added DNS resolution to webextensions api

Waterfox Current

  • Fixed ability to add add-ons via AMO
  • Fixed graphical issues on macOS
  • Added StartPage as an option

📝 What’s new in Waterfox 2020.01?

Release notes will be further updated after wide release of security updates.

Waterfox Classic

  • Various security fixes (one exploited in the wild)
  • Updated timezone data for internationalization functions
  • Enabled unprefixed Fullscreen API
  • Various website rending issues fixed (Kinguin, Intel, Epic Games and others)
  • Fixed problems related with uBO html filters -Updated en-US dictionary

Waterfox Current

  • Very important security patches
  • Enabled containers
  • Enabled playback of encrypted VP9 video in fMP4 container
  • Disabled establishing connection to links the mouse hovers over
  • Enabled user profile customizations and SVG properties
  • New features:
    • Restart button in PanelUI and Menu
    • Copy current tab URL
    • Copy all tab URLs
  • Added settings for disabling loading images automatically and exceptions
  • Added settings for disabling JavaScript with exceptions and advanced settings
  • Added new privacy settings
  • Added possibility to hide and show Status Bar or Status Info Overlay
  • Added possibility to change Tab Bar, Bookmarks Toolbar and Window Controls position
  • Added optional to enable an all-new settings layout
  • Added support for new emoji in Unicode/Emoji 12
  • Added possibility to set browser’s logo as menu icon


🏆 Support Waterfox

If you’d really like to help Waterfox out, please consider using the default search (Bing) with adblock disabled on it, it would be such a huge show of support! The default search is fairly privacy friendly.